Monday, 30 May 2011

WNBA show for Great British women a United Champions League at MEN Arena

Great British women were killed when a United Champions League final stars will be feeling a little like.

Atlanta dream last night dished out a harsh lesson is like a Barca on Saturday evening for the Red was every bit.

The MEN Arena proved a decent crowd that the U.S. and therefore the cream of the world's only Britain's best to look good was an exercise in control.

And if head coach was philosophical about the Arena mark of real class Coco Miller (23 points) and Lindsey Harding (11 points and five assist) Scroll to shine brightly with the safety of skill players reveled in the crowd beat.

Maher said, “It was a great experience and one that will stand us in great stead for the Euros. It’s not just coach talk when you set goals other than winning for your team.

“We want a team that the British public can be proud of - a style of play that is attractive to crowds, young kids, sponsors. I want to win as well and if you see us get to the second round (at the Euros) then I’ll be doing the happy dance.”

One of two Manchester players Julie Page and Lauren Thomas-Johnson in GB’s starting five, echoed her coach’s view.

“They are physically and athletically stronger and faster than us,” said the forward, who hit 10 points behind the Brits’ top-scorer Kim Butler.

“Our challenge was to counter what they were throwing at us with our basketball brain.

“It was just another step in the right direction in learning what we need to do when that’s thrown at us. You can’t teach that in practise – so it’s absolutely invaluable to our preparation for Eurobasket.

“At the start we were trying to match them athletically, but later in the game we were taking our time, talking a breath and being smarter. As the game went on we got more comfortable. In the second half we did a much better job.”

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